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With their NFT project TIME HUNTERS, Berlin-based media artists Patrick Buchholz and David Friedrich bridge the analog and digital art worlds. The duo's certified moments make use of the time-critical phenomenon of photography and preserves fleeting moments for generations to come. Whereas in analog photography only the temporal lighting conditions were caught on roll film, in the age of digital photography, time enters into a relationship with space in the form of metadata such as geolocation. A digital image, however, is more than just a scan of analog light events. Presented aesthetically as a certificate, TIME HUNTERS highlights digital data as a tool for holding on to fleeting moments in space and time. The actual photograph is merely a visual accessory, a proof to the human being whose sluggish sensory organs can suboptimally absorb metadata.
TIME HUNTERS distribute their digital works of art exclusively on the Ethereum blockchain. Their current collection "Street Art Berlin“ aims to question ephemerality as such. The upcoming collection "NFT Is No ART" actively exposes TIME HUNTERS to the discourse already taken up by the German philosopher Walter Benjamin: the question of the value of art.


The "Street Art Berlin" Collection

What is a moment worth to you? "Street Art Berlin" is dedicated to the temporality of art in space and time. In this context, the media artists TIME HUNTERS have mainly focused on graffiti in Berlin, such as on the Berlin Wall or in Kreuzberg. While investors spend millions to conserve  "serious" art, street art gets lost in time and is thus as fleeting as the moment itself. TIME HUNTERS certify unique Berlin moments in space and time to save them worldwide for the next generation via digital blockchain technology. Even though if Berlin is changing, TIME HUNTERS have captured time – at least for a moment.

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