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For over a decade, David has been a professional composer, musician, singer, audio engineer, and music producer--an artist who can look back on hundreds of concerts though-out Europe and thousands of hours in recording studios. Whereas his first music project Exit Inside (2004-2010) followed the traditional image of an indie rock band, his second band Disco Love Machine (2010-2015) crafted a unique audio-visual sound experience, influenced by Berlin's night club culture and the city itself. In the end, David's gained experience led him to produce his first solo project, released under his birth name, Teresa Caballo (2015-2017), which made drugs, love, and gender issues a central subject of discussion. As a part-time producer, he has continued to compose podcast music since 2017 for several clients, from Union Investment Bank to social media strategist Anne Grabs.

Teresa Caballo

Teresa Caballo was one of those fluorescent beings that radiates light in absolute darkness and always found new ways to shine brighter. Featuring a modern interpretation of masculinity communicated through musical compositions combined with audio-visual representation, Teresa Caballo's music has also been radically candid. His musical compositions aimed to put a new spin on pop music which criticized stereotypical characteristics of men and women and, thus, emphasized their artificiality. After his first EP "The Legendary Mercy Notes" (2015)--in which he supposedly made a deal with the devil in exchange for the EP's composition--he released his debut album "Persuasion" in 2016, which were dedicated to the eighties synth-wave sounds of his childhood. After following this album up with two EPs--"LIVE.LIVE.LIVE" (2016) and "From Synth-wave to Evergreen" (2016)--he spent two years touring, in 2016 with his "Spread My Love" tour (2016) and his "Digital/Analog" tour in 2017 where he presented an unplugged and electronic live set to his audience.

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It's all about love!--at least with Disco Love Machine. Inspired by Berlin's club culture and its rough streets, this trio expressed pure erotic energy in their concerts: Sweaty bodies that gave themselves over to the rhythm of the music, touching and pressing against each other in the dark. Disco Love Machine's sound is dark, but without being oppressive. It is rock, electro and pop--while being something completely new at the same time, triggering a feeling that makes dancing novel once again. Disco Love Machine released its first LP in 2013 followed by a live EP the same year, which was recorded and filmed in an old boiler house (Kesselhaus). In 2014, the trio went on its "About Love" tour and released a remix EP titled "Love Appears" which was followed by an eponymous second tour the same year. One year later, the band finished its last tour. Between 2013 and 2015, the trio produced 7 music videos and toured three times.

Exit Inside
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Young. Naive. Loud. Exit Inside was everything that a band needed to be in the 2000s. In reality it was just four teenagers (equipped with drum, guitar, bass, and a voice) having fun making music and traveling through Germany to enter concert stages of almost every club in the country. But For David, Exit Inside was more than just a typical band: it was the beginning of a never-ending love. Although he was already hooked, this quartet moved music to the center of his life. Since then, Music has been an integral part of David. Exit Inside produced one EP, "Just a Demo" (2005), and two LPs, "Show your Soul" (2007) and "Why don't you scream" (2008). In 2008, the band went on their first tour.


Since 2017, David has been producing different pieces of podcast music for various clients. By aiming to express the idea of a podcast show in 30 seconds via sound, his particular way of composing makes every piece unique and, thus, the show itself as well. For instance, Anne Grabs' podcast, which deals fundamentally with personal transformation processes, influenced the creation of "fluent tones". Another example is the podcast intro of "Bulle & Baer", a show about current financial alterations. Here, the concept of hectic pace and financial ups and downs was tonally realized.

since 2017
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